Xmas Eve

Christmas Eve was always one of the most magical of nights for me.  May it always be so, and keep its deep and ancient glow.

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‪A charming story Hazel! I’m convinced good things never leave us!

Reminds my of a Christmas Eve a few years ago when my daughters were small. Ellie, then 7, had become a little concerned about the story of Santa and begged us to tell her the truth about the hairy old man who would enter her room.‬

‪But Lizzy, aged 9, listening in from her room, begged us not to confirm her worst fear; that knowing the truth about Santa would end all the magic of Christmas. ‬

‪What to do?…. both girls were so different. One of the pivotal moments in every child’s life!

‪So my wife comforted Ellie; what else could she do but to put her young mind at ease….the glow of relief on her face was clear to see! And I went to Lizzy and told her that Christmas will always be magical if she wanted it and I promised to make sure of that. She knew what I meant and the same glow of relief flashed over her face. I’ve kept that promise to them both ever since! ‬

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